Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sarah Wilkins

How about a touch of whimsy today. Her name is Sarah Wilkins, and I fell in love with her art after buying some recipe cards with her images printed on them.

I actually made the orange glazed chocolate tea cake which was divine. A very fine, very fluffy texture with a rich flavor. Mmmm.

Sarah's images are soft, fanciful, and often surreal. You can find a wealth of symbolism in her work.

Sarah has stated that at times even she doesn't always know what her images are pointing to, only that she feels the need to express certain inklings.

When her imagery is paired with a quirky turn of phrase, it reminds me of the humorous stylings of Brian Kershisnik.



Born and raised in New Zealand, Sarah graduated in art and then began to travel the world working as a freelance illustrator.

She currently resides in Paris with her family where she is commissioned by a variety of clientele to design everything from book jackets and magazine articles, to tote bags and children's toys.

She even designed a mural that now sits on the streets of Paris. How exhilarating to have a piece of yourself define and be apart of the city like that.

Either Sarah has a strong fascination with books, or she is simply commissioned to portray them so often that they have become an iconic symbol for her.

I can understand why; her inviting yet thoughtful style is perfect for exploring the wondrous environments books cultivate within all of us.

Sarah has also developed a delicate, hand-curled lettering that adds a signature touch to all her work.

More often than not, her art is simply a bright invitation into a world of finely-crafted trinkets and magical visions. Check out more of her artwork here, or better yet, see how her ideas get started, at Sketch.



  1. Not only can Sarah paint cakes. She also bakes them, in particular the world famous "cannelé" a french "patisserie" needing three day of preparation and 1 second to swallow...
    No wonder she managed to design bags for us at Po!Paris (www.po!Paris.com/blog)