Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Since it is a warm, pleasant day and the flowers are blooming with life and color, I thought some images that highlight the beauty of Spring would be appropriate.

These lovely images of manga-inspired women are by the young Japanese artist, Sioux. Based in Tokyo, she specializes in modern-day "Bijinga" paintings, a generic term for pictures of beautiful women in Japanese art.

Working primarily in watercolor and acrylic paints, Sioux highlights the beauty of Japanese women not only for clients of fashion and illustration, but as fine works of art.

Since 2001, Sioux has worked for various companies designing book jackets, CD covers, magazines, greeting cards, calendars, journals, gift boxes, cell phone covers, and stationary. Currently she works as a freelance illustrator, and since her first solo-exhibition in 2009 she has participated in various other exhibitions throughout Vancouver and New York.

Her images are soft, sensual, and colorful, demonstrating a graceful portrayal of the female form. In the future Sioux hopes to design costumes, and to one day illustrate the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, especially The Little Mermaid. I'm sure her delicate, ethereal style will suit the fantastic musings of Andersen very well.

May you have great fortune and prosperity in all your undertakings, Sioux, and may we all have many more days of light and warmth this year. :)



  1. Hi, This is Sioux.
    Thank you very much writing about my cards.
    I really nice to meet your blog.
    It's a fortuity :D

    I am Japanese Bijin-ga artist,
    If you don't mind
    please check my web gallery



  2. Hello Sioux, what a pleasant surprise for you to stop by! I am glad you like the blog post. :) Thank you for the links, now I can find more information about you and your beautiful art! I will be sure to check them out and update any information in the post. Good luck with all you're doing, take care!