Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rob France

Two years ago I attended the annual Utah Art's Festival and was delighted to stumble upon the booth of local artist Rob France. It's a little late--I know--to be featuring his work now, but I've always found it to be inspiring, and there's no time like the present to support the locals. :)

I've always been struck by the simple elegance and unique style of France's ink drawings. His subjects are primarily women--bold and beautiful--with sinewy limbs and swan-like necks, who adorn their mannequin physiques with sumptuous, vintage fashions and jewelry. What more could a girl ask for?

At times they have a very "fashion illustration" feel to them, and other times they hold a haunting depth that draws you in to their world.

I wonder if France knowingly draws inspiration from Aubrey Beardsley, whose illustrative temperament seems to perfectly match his own.



Much of his work also draws upon varied cultural influences for inspiration.

The piece below projects an eerie sadness and suffocation, as if the American Indian girl is forcefully confined in a European-style dress.

As our world becomes increasingly homogenized I think France's work is a perfect depiction of what 21st century aesthetics are becoming; a balance of modern and antique, light and dark, ornate and streamline, east and west. We always return to the past, but must infuse it with a new sensibility.

Please enjoy many more of Rob France's talented pieces at his website


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